Business Results

Fraud/RICO/Embezzlement: Confidential huge settlement obtained on the eve of trial on behalf of a client that was defrauded by an employee and a material supplier in a scheme that spanned nine years. Our team was able to obtain key admissions from lower level employees of the material supplier regarding the executive’s knowledge of the fraud. The RICO counts threatened to destroy the company and the personal wealth of the executives. This result represented a 134% victory for our clients.

Contractor Fraud: Obtained huge confidential settlement on behalf of material suppliers. The defendant contractor ordered millions of dollars of goods from our clients when his business was failing, stopped doing business in Illinois and moved to Florida. We asserted fraud counts against the defendant, seized assets and forced a very favorable result for our clients.

Trade Secrets: Defended a beverage bottler in a trade secret misappropriation case in which the plaintiffs claimed to have a proprietary interest in a bottled water product and claimed $1.2 billion in damages. We won the case for our clients at trial and the court’s decision was affirmed on appeal.

Construction Trust Funds: Defeated a bank’s claim that it could remove funds from a contractor’s bank account when the funds were due and owing to our contractor client. Successfully argued that these funds were, as a matter of law, designated as subcontractor trust funds.

Will Contests: Prosecuted a complex citation proceeding in probate court to gain for our clients the property of the decedent which was being wrongfully withheld by the estate’s administrator.

Construction Project Dispute: $133,856.02 jury verdict obtained for restoration contractor against homeowner related to flood restoration work and alleged construction defects. This represented a 100% victory for our client.

Shareholder Disputes: We have represented minority shareholders and majority shareholders in business dissolution disputes involving breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims of all types.

Real Estate Title Disputes: Obtained verdict on behalf of purchaser and developer of real estate against claim by predecessor in title that property was purchased in a fraudulent scheme.

Developer Fraud: Obtained verdict on behalf of developer against purchaser who claimed developer defrauded purchaser by misrepresenting condition of property.

Mechanics Lien: Obtained a large confidential settlement for two material suppliers against a national home builder. Suit was filed on six projects in five different counties putting tremendous pressure on the home builder to pay our clients. The settlement was structured and paid out so that the settlement was not affected by the subsequent bankruptcy and liquidation of the home builder.

Breach of Contract: Significant six-figure settlement for a subcontractor against a national home builder after the builder refused to pay retention money, claiming the funds were not due for years until after the subdivisions were completed. Settlement was reached on the eve of trial.

Breach of Contract: Obtained a trial verdict for 100% of all extras plus interest. A commercial builder refused to pay our client, a subcontractor, claiming that the extras were not authorized because many of them were not in writing and that the work was not done in a good and workmanlike manner. We transformed a complex mess into a coherent and easy to understand trial presentation which resulted in this victory.

Mechanics Lien: Obtained a huge confidential settlement after filing a mechanics lien and prosecuting a lawsuit for work performed on a high-rise student residence.

Mechanics Lien: Obtained a summary judgment against an owner of 100% of the balance due to a third-tier subcontractor plus interest for a verdict in excess of $500,000.

OSHA Defense: Defended a contractor in a hearing in which OSHA accused the subcontractor of willful conduct. Trial resulted in a significant reduction in the severity of the charge and penalty.

Mechanics Lien Defense: Defended a condominium developer against claims of subcontractors. The claims were dismissed.

Developer Liability: Defended a condominium developer against claims for defects prosecuted by the condominium association. The matter was settled with the developer receiving a settlement payment including attorneys’ fees from the structural engineer.

Breach of Contract Defense: Defended a computer company against claims for commissions brought by a former salesman. Successfully argued to the Court that the agreement had previously been terminated which resulted in a settlement for a very small percentage of the original claim.

Bankruptcy Adversary Work: Defended suppliers in bankruptcy adversary complaints who were seeking to reclaim money from the bankrupt estate. Successfully asserted defense to defeat the claims.

Physician Contracts: Litigated case against physicians’ group for breach of employment contract. Successfully recovered past compensation wrongfully withheld and obtained court order striking down non-compete clause in contract.

Physician Contracts: Counseled physician employed by a major health care provider in the renewal of his contract with the health care provider.

Tenant In Common Disputes: Developed a successful strategy to leverage the sale of a Tenant In Common owned property so the owners could cash out of an unprofitable investment.

Mechanics Liens: Manage all mechanics lien claims in Illinois and Wisconsin for national and international suppliers.

Partitions: Prosecuted and defended partition suits as a result of partnership dispute.

Employee Fraud: Obtained full restitution against an employee bookkeeper who fraudulently had the employer make car expense reimbursements and additional contributions to the employee’s 401k account.

Non-Compete Agreement/Proprietary Information: We have represented key employees and employers in numerous industries in non-compete and related litigation. Call us for more information.

Failure to Procure Insurance: We have represented individuals and companies against insurance agents and brokers for failure to procure the appropriate insurance or the proper amount of insurance to cover the known risks faced by our clients. Call us for more information.