Business Services

Expert negotiators with a reputation for winning at trial

Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes come to Falk Spinasanta – and return – for one reason: We provide the highest quality work on every single case we handle. As a result, we develop long-term relationships with our clients. This enables us to foresee, prevent and solve problems over the life of each business we serve. Whether it is a small contract dispute or a large business fraud case, we invest the time needed to understand a client’s business and goals.

Our lawyers have successfully represented diverse clients from individuals to Fortune 100 corporations because we customize our legal services to meet the needs of each particular case.

Clients know they can trust us to obtain favorable outcomes in all types of business disputes. They understand that our reputation as skilled trial lawyers strengthens their position in negotiations. And they’ve seen our results.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Business Disputes
  • Business Dissolutions
  • Business Interference
  • Business Torts of All Types
  • Business Fraud
  • Contract Disputes
  • Collection Cases
  • Creditors’ Rights
  • Warranty Disputes
  • Trademarks, Trade Secret
    or Proprietary Information
  • Loss of Key Employees
  • Non-Compete Clauses
  • Employment Litigation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
  • Construction Litigation
  • Mechanics/Construction Liens
  • Contractor Disputes
  • Developer Disputes
  • Constructive Trusts
  • OSHA Disputes
  • Real Estate Cases of All Types
  • TIC (Tenants in Common) Disputes
  • Partition Disputes
  • Bankruptcy Adversary Litigation
  • ERISA Disputes
  • Franchise Disputes
  • Broker Disputes
  • Securities Litigation
  • Will And Trust Disputes

Falk Spinasanta business clients include:

  • Business Owners
  • Property Owners
  • Commercial, Industrial and
    Residential Developers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Material Suppliers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Landlords and Tenants
  • Condominiums and Cooperative Associations
  • Marketing Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Title Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Companies
  • Food Production Companies
  • Product Engineering Companies
  • Retail Companies
  • Business and Trade Associations

If you need a trusted advisor and advocate for your business, contact Falk Spinasanta to discuss how we can help you.

We measure success by our ability to maximize settlement opportunities, further business goals, preserve relationships and avoid unnecessary expenses.